About Australian Geothermal Solutions

Mission Statement

Australian Geothermal Solutions (AGS) is committed to delivering to our customers an optimal product to suit their requirements in a cost effective and efficient manner. AGS believes it has a social responsibility to promote and develop, with appropriate stakeholders, alternate, sustainable energy solutions to the Australian market for the environmental benefit of today’s and future generations.


To become a nationally recognized and respected energy solution designer and supplier, known for our commitment to employees, customers other stakeholders and the environment.

Services Offered

The solutions offered by Australian Geothermal Solutions include:

  • Air heating and cooling – i.e. reverse cycle air conditioning (ducted systems/split systems)
  • Water heating & cooling – including domestic hot water systems& water chilling
  • Floor/Panel heating (typically in cold environments)
  • Residential and commercial systems
  • Commercial Water Heating
  • Pool heating
  • Supporting financial packages

The underlying technology enables several needs to be satisfied though the one installation, for example an air conditioning system can readily supply potable or process hot water.

The particular technologies and products offered by Australian Geothermal Solutions include:

  • Direct exchange geothermal heat pump systems, manufactured in the U.S.A by EarthLinked Technologies Inc.
  • Water based geothermal heat pumps manufactured in the U.K by Calorex

Our Company can supply or Supply and Install.