Our Company provides Australia with internationally recognised and proven geothermal heating and cooling technologies to reduce our customers’ energy costs by maximising energy efficiencies and reducing their carbon footprint.

All our products have a long and successful history of proven performance in the global market and our team has an extensive record of achieving consistent project delivery

Global Market

There is in excess of 3.5 m geothermal heat pump (GSHP) installations globally. The GSHP market penetration to date has been greatest in Europe and North America and is growing rapidly in Australia.

The technology is well established and proven in Europe and North America with over 3 million installations, so there are no technology risks. GSHP installations in Europe and the US are currently around 150,000 p.a and 120,000 p.a. respectively, and are growing at 40% p.a. Development of the market in Australia has only recently formalised with currently over 200 units installed, stimulated primarily by increasing energy prices.

Market Partners

Calorex is Europe’s leading manufacturer of air and ground source heat pumps and dehumidifiers. For more than 30 years Calorex have successfully developed heat pumps suitable for hundreds of different applications.